A poetic affair

December 2, 2014

Poetry, it’s one of those places you go to find something you need and then find some more. Clothing, teas, candles, vintage necklaces are a few of their favourite things. Being approached by Poetry was such an honour because I love this store and I what it represents. It’s feminine, delicate and expresses every woman in one way or another.


They wanted to do something different and expressive of their store when they reached 1000 Instagram followers. The best part about being part of this experience was that I could let myself go creatively but still maintaining the essence of the brand.





I chose pink, because when I think of Poetry as a colour, pink stands out to me. They decided against a ‘traditional’ flavoured cake, like chocolate or vanilla, therefore I felt that a coffee flavoured cake would be great. Its kind of intriguing in that looking at the cake you would expect a soft colour in the inside and instead you get surprised by the dark richness of coffee staring back at you. I then made mini pink macarons to decorate the cake and add a touch of grace and detail to the overall look. The roses were a great addition by the Poetry team and really accentuated the end result beautifully!

Au Revoir!




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