Lemon cake with a twist

January 15, 2015


With an abundance of “welcome to 2015” and “compliments of the season” wishes being passed around between friends, colleagues and family alike, allow me to pass on the same to you. I have no doubt that your ‘sweet teeth’ were more than appeased, to the absolute max, throughout your holiday…and well into the new year.

I must confess, albeit without an ounce of guilt, that I thoroughly enjoyed my break, as I’m sure you’ve guessed – perhaps to due to  the fact that i haven’t put up a post… since 2014. Alas, let me dispel your fears by assuring you that I am most definitely back, in full swing – armed with both a fresh perspective on life and, more importantly, baking!


Given that this is my first post for 2015 , I wanted it to be bright, welcoming and very much… me. With my birthday around the corner, I felt like this month, as a gift to myself, I’d blog about my favourite things to indulge in. The first being sour desserts, ranging from a lemon cake, and a lemon meringue to something more sweet – think “pavlova”. I love the colour yellow, to me it emanates happy vibes and reminds everyone of summer (which, luckily we still have). I was never one for tangy and sour tasting desserts, but when I lived in London I met so many people who had a preference for tangy and sour tasting desserts  as opposed to an overly sweet pastry, though, somewhere down the line my taste buds jumped on the bandwagon, leaving me with a slight knack for those tangy, sour tasting desserts.



Starting off a pastry chef, I wanted to master the “basic” cakes, like the banana loaf, pistachio cake and the lemon cake. The Gâteau au Citron (lemon cake) is my favourite of the “basic” simply because once it comes out of the oven, I brush over a glaze of lemon juice and icing sugar which immediately seeps into the cake – giving it  not only that extra lemony zest taste but also does wonders for the moisture of a cake.

I urge you to give this recipe a try, as i’m almost certain that it will become your “go-to” cake, for those moments when you’re feeling a bit peckish. It just hits the right spot.

This cake can be adjusted with limes, although I think that might be a little too sour, even for me.





  • 115g butter

  • 175g caster sugar

  • 100g egg

  • 1 lemon zest

  • 175g soft flour

  • 2.5g baking powder

  • 85ml milk (depending on consistency)




  • 90 icing sugar

  • 2 lemons, juiced


Cream the butter and add the caster sugar until white and fluffy.
Sieve flour and baking powder together.
Emulsify the egg into the butter mixture.
Then fold all the flour in at once with a spatula.
Line a bread baking tin with baking paper, and pipe the mixture into the tin.
After the cake has cooled for about 5 minutes, brush the  glaçage over the cake every minutes to keep it moist.





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