A sweet affair

February 13, 2015


So it’s that time of year again, where people expect grand gestures from their significant others and, if those expectations aren’t met, a pastry fight is likely to break out  (I’m aware that this is more than a bit cynical, and that’s perhaps why i’m a patissiere and not a modern day Ernest Hemingway). Jokes aside,  valentines day is for the idealists, the hopeful and the optimists, it’s a day that  elicits romance, incomplete without a sweet touch.

 Being amongst the pool of the idealists, the hopeful and the optimists, I opted to bake these decadent cupcakes that would reflect a similar feeling, for my friends, who have been there for me, through sweet and sour. The occasion warranted me spending a little more time than usual, on decorating the cupcakes – coz truth be told, as i’m sure you will soon find out, the taste speaks for itself. Icing is an interesting aspect to baking, especially buttercream icing. It’s something that can always be tweaked, whether it be the taste, look or texture. I’ve learnt that in order to succeed you have to find what YOU are good at, then master the art from there on. So this is me trying to figure out what I can really sink my teeth into and explore the boundaries of that, i hope that you’ll endevour to do the same!




I hope you like this post and that your decorative adventures, be it simple or elaborate, are successful. And, if by the time you read this post your “valentine’s” baking tin is still empty, I suggest that you get baking and try this recipe!

Before i sign off, i’m happy and excited to share with you, the fact that i will be leaving for London soon. It’s a completely new adventure for me, one that I simply cannot wait to begin. be that as it may, rest assured that the midnight kitchen will still be baking!

Au revior!

Zorah xo

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