The Breakfast Club

May 1, 2015

Saturday, April 25th, 2015, Soho, London.


Breakfast or brunch, its all really semantics, however, you’ll no doubt agree that it is most certainly one’s sole reason to roll out of bed on a Saturday morning. Personally, I’ve never seen the point in limiting myself when it comes to breakfast, or brunch if you must, because if we’re being honest, breakfast is an all day experience.

That said, and with my good friend Zubi (who shares these sentiments) in tow, we took to the streets of London, laiden with the beautiful scents and sights of cherry blossoms in full bloom, in hungry search for the best breakfast(s) that London has to offer. Our mission, of course, was to find the perfect ying and yang of sweet and savoury delectables, in and around the nooks and crannies of London.


One little, infamous, beaut came to mind – The Breakfast Club (side note, and much like the movie, this little beaut is filled with subtle predilections that’ll appeal to you in one way or another). The ambience at The Breakfast Club is enchanting in a way that’s relaxing, yet culturally riveting. The walls, filled with trivia, memorable polaroids and a penny (or several hundred – all beckoning for your thoughts), make this little gem a cut above the rest. Make no mistake, there’s definitely a queue to get a seat, however, in this instance, the means does indeed justify the end – and a coffee in hand (while you wait) goes a long way too.


Being the ying, amongst the yang (Zubi), I ordered pancakes with fresh berries and ice cream. The texture of the pancakes were soft, fluffy and somewhat heavenly, perfectly accompanied by a mix of fresh and sweet berries. The so called “ice cream” is what really grabbed my attention, simply because it was no ordinary run of the mill kinda ice cream nor was it the usual churn of the butter kinda cream – in fact, if anything, it was the perfect mixture of both. This is without a doubt my go-to breakfast, brunch (well, anytime) spot in London, as it never fails to disappoint. So my fellow brunchers, if (and when) you ever find yourself strolling in Soho, make sure to visit this little gem, you will not leave… disappointed!

Au revoir,

Zorah xo




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