Pasteis de nata

November 10, 2015

 Having recently returned from a whirlwind trip to Amsterdam, Portugal and (unexpectedly, but pleasantly surprisingly) to Sevilla too (if only for a day), I refuse to let the current ‘summer-body’ craze dictate  what or how much I can or can’t eat. Because if I do (which I won’t), then I may as well toss my Chef’s hat into the frying pan!


Upon arrival in Portugal, I insisted that ‘my traveling sidekick’ (Zubi, don’t even act surprised by this title), who has a mouth full of sweet teeth, be cultured and educated on Portugal’s infamous and signature pastry – Pastel de Nata. Allow me to do the same for those of you who aren’t aware – Pastel de Nata is a Portuguese custard tart (mainly egg yolk based) cupped in a beautiful, light and crispy and puff pastry. It’s the perfect bite to have  (multiple times – don’t judge until you’ve tried it yourself) throughout the day!

 ‘My traveling sidekick’ and I, (guiltlessly) indulged in more than a handful of Pasteis de Nata (per day) – throughout our stay in Portugal, although never from the same place. True to form, we tasted Pasteis de Nata whenever and wherever it crossed our path, which,as fate would have it, happened to be on almost every corner. We tried and tested  Pasteis de Nata at the more mainstream and commercialised stores, as well as the more traditional corner shop – run by an old (but lovely) Portugese woman (who could neither speak nor understand a word of English).


Hands down, the award for the best Pasteis de Nata goes to this sweet little café that we accidentally stumbled upon on our way home after a long day of touristing around Lisboa  (we have a map and have marked off the location – details may follow, when we find that map). This café was churning out scores of Pasteis de Nata,  at 9pm on a weeknight – and they were not short of customers to feed! Biting into that specific Pastel de Nata was pure and utter bliss – a moment that I’ll forever hold dear.




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