Death by chocolate cake

January 18, 2016

Almost 3 weeks in, it’s certainly not too late for me to wish you well for 2016, may it be sweeter and better than 2015!

That being said, and having returned from a much-needed break, it’s time to get blogging… and baking, of course. Coming back with a bit of a(n) (unforeseen) vengeance, much like the extreme heat gripping South Africa at the moment, I chose to make the most rich and luxurious cake that I could think of… A triple layer (threat) chocolate cake (Au voir new years’ resolutions!).


Knowing that my aunts are always in search of something, from my kitchen, to complement their weekly Sunday afternoon tea party, I was certain that this cake would have them raving for Sundays to come! Just as I’m certain, that this recipe will resonate with your friends, family and colleagues alike – this is, of course, if you chose to treat them with this triple layer chocolate cake.

The recipe guidelines suggested its own frosting, but I decided to go with a dark chocolate ganache frosting instead – which added an extra layer of richness to the cake, that already offers flavour bursts of chocolate and caramel. If you’ve ever watched the movie ‘Matilda’, you’ll be quick to realise that this the closest I’ve gotten to replicating ‘Traunchball’s infamous cake’.


It goes without saying that this cake is incredibly rich, and decadently moist – evident with every bite. The recipe allows for two cake pans to be used, which resulted in my making two cakes instead of one (a triple layered, hexagonal threat!) – next time I’ll be sure to reduce the quantities. The recipe for this cake, keeps it fresh for some time, adding layers in between also helps to ensure that the cake doesn’t dry out – keeping it tasting as good as the day it was made.



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