Roses are red, violets are.... cake!

February 5, 2016


Its Valentimes! Insofar as cliches go, I’m all for it… roses, chocolates, cards, grand gestures… as a hopeless romantic, I can’t help but welcome Valentine’s Day with arms (or hearts) wide open.

So in the spirit of all that comes with being a hopeless romantic, I thought it apt to do a post to appease your palette and to allow you (and your loved one) to indulge, on a day when when the concept of a diet simply doesn’t matter.


With this classic Victoria Sponge I admittedly took a page out of the Victorian era (an era that as you may or may not know saw a move towards romanticism) and added a personal hint of orange extract and rind (because there is only so much vanilla extract a person can handle). As for the inside of the cake, I chose to add a lovely taste of cream cheese frosting – a little palette twist to the classic Victoria Sponge.


As if that’s not enough (because there’s no such thing as ‘enough‘ for us romantics), I went out on a limb and coloured the inside of this beaut an interesting Purple (yep, I didn’t see that one coming either!). And to finish off this mysterious work of art, what better than a quaint design of rosettes on top – the ideal ensemble (as I’m sure you will agree).

I hope that you find this Victoria Sponge to be a perfect start to your Valentimes… more inspiration (and innovation) is soon to follow.

Bon appetite!

Zorah xo



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