Cupid and his arrows

February 12, 2016


I’m no Cupid, although I do have something to share with you that ought to make your Valentine’s Day a tad more special. True to form, I’ve whipped up another unique pastry – if only because it was made with an extra dollop of love, romance and all such Valentine’s-related things (keeping in the spirit , of course!)


Inasmuch as macarons are on offer everywhere you turn, it is only so because it’s the kind of pastry snack that will (apparently) never fall shy of a sweet tooth. For most pastry chef’s, Macarons are akin to your daily coffee fix… you’ve got your standard order, but there’s always a way to mix it up and make it a little more interesting.

 This post is inspired by what I learnt when I studied in London, and is affectionately known as a “Raspberry Macaronade“. The macaron biscuit is pretty much standard, however (and all romantics and non-romantics alike will agree) it’s what on the inside that counts. The filling inside is infused with a beautiful raspberry essence that’s as light as a Chantilly cream but slightly more tricky to make.

 No one really thinks to add fruit to fill a macaron, no less a berry in this case, but truth be told adding a raspberry filling gives these little drops of heaven much more than some added height. The Raspberry Macaronade is perfectly bite-sized with enough to settle that sugar craving, without guilt (raspberries are a fruit… after all).

Don’t let these little drops of heaven stay out for too many days, as they are best enjoyed on the day its made (but should last at least a day or two – if there’s any left at that point).

Here’s to spreading a bit of love on Valentine’s!



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