Gluten-free birthday cake

March 29, 2016


Interestingly, and much to my surprise, jumping on the ‘gluten-free’ bandwagon blind-sided me to an unforeseen and unintended resistance to gluten (I’m still trying to accept the reality, so please do bear with me). Somewhat ironically, I’ve become that person at a bakery/ coffee shop that opens with “excuse me,do you have any gluten-free pastries?“.. which is swiftly followed by an all-round judgmental glare, from everyone within earshot (enough to haunt you for life, especially when the conversation evolves ending with me adding that, “I’m a patissiere“). Be that as it may, I’m proud to admit that I do still indulge in the odd full carb, full fat, full gluten pastry – what kind of pastry chef would I be, if I didn’t!


Well, back to gluten-free… It was my mother’s birthday last week, and since she jumped on the bandwagon way before I did, I decided to make her a gluten free cake. It’s a naked cake, as you can tell by the lack of buttercream on the sides, and is filled with almond sponge on the inside. I drizzled some lemon over the top, if only to take away from the sweetness of the cake (which happened to be somewhat too intense for my palette).


Unenthused by my creation, I was pleasantly surprised by the reviews received (from those sweet toothed that frequent my kitchen). Personally, I didn’t think many people would enjoy it, because not everyone is on this whole “LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat)” lifestyle. Even though it’s not as bad as some have told me, you can taste a difference, although it’s so slight and the benefits (lack of guilt to mention one) are so great that having another slice is almost a given.

If you want the recipe, please leave a comment, and I will be happy to do a post on it:)

Au Revoir!



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