Pineapple cup!

May 26, 2016


Yesterday, I felt somewhat inspired to venture an unorthodox concoction in the kitchen (well, unorthodox for a pastry chef), which  I thought I’d share with you.

From a young age, i recall my mother bellowing that she wouldn’t tolerate “wasting food”, followed by a number of reasons from the starving children in Africa to the efforts that went into making whatever dish was on offer (I’m sure many of you can relate!). With this etched into my moral fibre, I couldn’t bare to let the lone, hollowed out pineapple, that i used for a prior baking endevour, go to waste.

My concoction culminated in a pineapple cup/bowl lined with a yoghurt base, seasonal fruits and added vanilla and chia seeds, topped with a drizzle of  honey. Voila, a pineapple fruit parfait cup!







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