The "Nicecream" revolution

June 13, 2016

 Nicecream? Yup, Nicecream. This, dear reader, is not just another concoction from inthemidnightkitchen, but a phenomenon that’s taken the world (i.e. my social media at least) by storm.
After much frustration, deliberation and research, I’ve learnt that a nicecream is  a vegan (keep reading) dessert/smoothie/pudding/deliciousness. Its based on the same concept as your ordinary  ice cream, the plot twist being that instead of the base ingredient being milk, it’s actually frozen bananas! Fancy that!
Apparently the name “nicecream“, yields from some linguistic adaptation of the word “banana“, and “ice-cream” – either way, it’s more than a little nice (especially to the palette).
Personally, I’m somewhat in love with this new creation… it’s simple, quick and easy to make. Not only that, it’s quite light… on the digestive system and the scale (dare I say so myself).
Here’s a step by step guide on how to make a “nicecream” bowl.

 Step 1:

Freeze about 2-3 bananas over night. Peel the banana and cut it into small rounds and put into a container to freeze (this way it is easier to manage when frozen).
Step 2:

Then freeze whatever other fruit you may want to add, for example I added frozen raspberries (1 cup to be specific).
Step 3:

Add the frozen bananas (about 2 cups is enough) and the raspberries to the blender and half a cup of almond milk/rice milk. You can use normal dairy milk if you want.
Step 4:

Blend it all together, add toppings that you like (oats, chocolate, honey, fruits etc) and voila, you have “nicecream!
I hope you enjoy! It’s so easy to make and such a pleasure to eat on a hot or cold day:)





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