Chocolate in a jar

June 15, 2016


 To those who say that a “good breakfast” can’t comprise of chocolate, I (in solidarity with billions of others) completely disagree. Having to wake up and interact with the world at large, on a daily basis, is burdensome enough… and what better way (caffeine aside) to sweet-start your day (kinda) than with some wholesome chocolate.  There’s simply nothing wrong with it.
I used to be a “coffee-on-the-go” and “I’ll-eat-whatever-whenever” kinda girl (mostly I still am), but I’ve been quick to appreciate the importance of eating  breakfast. To make my newly-found breakfast routine a tad more exciting (in the hope that it’d be an added reason to get me out of bed), I mixed it up with healthy and sweet aspects (both of which I love). 
On the topic of “healthy eating”, partial disclosure,  vitamins are not necessarily a strong point for me (either due to lack of memory or pure neglect – no judgment please). All in all, this smoothie/ breakfast jar embodies all the nutrients you’d need to sweet-start your day!


 Here’s a quick “how to” on this breakfast smoothie jar:



2 heaped teaspoons of cocoa
2 teaspoons of chocolate sauce
2 frozen bananas
Basil/chia seeds
2 cups of almond milk
1.4 cup almond powder
Some crushed peanuts



Soak the basil seeds in water for about 10 minutes till they puff up. Drain the water when this happens and set aside. 
Blend the banana, cocoa, chocolate sauce, almond powder and one cup of almond milk together.
Use the other cup of almond milk with the basil seeds and pour that into the base of your jar.
Then fill the top with the chocolate nicecream you just made. 
Top with sliced bananas and crushed peanuts for decoration. 
And you’re done! Enjoy!
Zorah xo












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