Nicecream scoops

June 23, 2016

 Its as smoooth(ie) as ice (cream) – I’m obviously not referring to the blistering cold winter in Cape Town (don’t even get me started on that!). I am, however, referring to everyone’s (undeniable) kryptonite – ice cream (well, kinda). I mean, lets be honest, regardless of weather conditions you’re not really going to say  no to a wholesome bowl of joy (even if its just one ‘ol scoop)!


This post was also inspired by the fact that my mother (I’m sure most mother’s) hates wastage and I think this is a great way to never let that happen. That’s pretty much the long and short of how this smoothie bowl was converted into an actual ice cream – and every bit as good (dare i say so myself). The only difference, of course, being in texture – from a liquid to solid, which to some may be neither here nor there. 

The recipe used is the same as the recipe used for the raspberry smoothie bowl that I posted previously. If you’ve previously given the raspberry smoothie bowl a go, I’m sure that you’ll agree that its quite a bit to consume in one sitting. So instead of tossing it out and letting it go to waste (only to aggravate my pet peeve), consider freezing it and enjoying it as an ice cream – on a cone or straight from the tub (i don’t judge). 

Bon appetit!




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