Cherry-chocolate-cookie dough nicecream

July 11, 2016

Hello Australia!!! Or rather good evening, Sydney and good morning, Cape Town. Jet-lag aside, enjoying this delicious combination of chocolate and cookie dough whilst basking in the winter sun is ideally how you should start your morning, or in my present case, round up my evening.


If one thing’s clear (at least insofar as food goes) is that my long-not-so-lost relatives here in the outback are yet to jump on the “banting” bandwagon let alone the “eat-greener-live-longer” lifestyle (like my mother and I) – well, challenge accepted. Let the nicecream/banting intervention begin (wish me luck, time is not on my side on this one).

This cherry-chocolate cookie dough smoothie is (aside from a mouthful to say) like little drops of heaven on your taste buds. I borrowed the cookie dough pieces from the oatmeal cookies that I’d whipped up not too long ago (here’s a little trade secret – cookie dough freezes quite well for future cookie baking or smoothie making). You’ll find the plot twist in this smoothie in the interesting burst of flavour brought out by cherry-chocolate pudding combination.


As an aside, its been about 16 years since my last trip down under which means lots of catching up to do and a series of intermittent blog posts on my part. Here we go!

Bon appetit!





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