Custard Slice

September 2, 2016

 The revered, renowned and beloved custard slice… Without a doubt, the perfect compliment to everyone’s cuppa tea. Although, with that being said, the challenge is to find someone willing and able to make it – and I, must confess, am no exception.


With my mind set on a custard slice (the details of how this came to be remain sketchy, at best), I waltzed into the kitchen (queue dramatic music) and got cracking. My first step was to bake the pastry (from scratch) followed by whipping up a rich and beautiful custard cream (this being the easy part). Once the pastry had baked and the custard cream whipped, its just a matter of layering and stacking the pastry and the custard cream (no need to reach to high, lest you’re aiming to replicate the Leaning Tower of Pisa). tThe final step, of course, being to leave your custard slice in the fridge over night to set.

 On a personal note, I must admit that while making this custard slice I couldnt help but draw a smiliarity to the infamous Frenchmille-feuille (minus one or two added layers of puff pastry). For those who have yet to indulge in a mille-feuille, it is a classic French dessert and my personal favourite. You’ll find variations of the mille-feuille on almost every corner of the quaint Parisian streets, and if you so happen to do so any time soon… Don’t think twice about indulging for two!

Bon appetit




*I wont be putting the recipe up (sorry!) but if you would like to order, then please drop me an email

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