Croissant for breakfast

September 3, 2016

 Dearest chefs-in-training, I’m sure that you’ll appreciate this post, albeit a response to a request for a post on croissants. Truth be told, who doesn’t love a fresh batch of baked (and in this instance bite-sized) homemade croissants… Parisian or not, these croissants will blow your tastebuds!

Left with some excess puff pastry (from my apple pie post – circa a few posts ago), baking a fresh batch of homemade croissants was somewhat inevitable. However, as I’m sure you’ve come to realise, with yours truly, there is always a plot twist… and this time is no exception… Hello croissants avec creme d’ amande (croissants with homemade almond cream). The upshot of making your everyday-run-of-the-mill pastries (like croissants) is that with a rich butter base there is so much room to be creative and interesting – in this instance adding an almond cream center.

 This morning’s family brunch presented the ideal stage to this run-of-the-mill-experiment, and much like most people (although, unlike me) my family welcomed the sweet surprise awaiting them on their first bite of these fresh homemade almond cream croissants. By no fault of their own, my family wasn’t able to quite pin point the creamy surprise… particularly due to the very slight and not too over powering taste (which is perhaps what I love most about this almond cream recipe).

It is without a doubt that this perfectly golden brown puff pastry, baked to a perfect crisp, with a rich, creamy and perfect almond cream centre stole the show at this morning’s family brunch!

*The croissant pastry recipe is on my blog under “laminated dough”.

Bon appetit!

 Recipe: Almond cream


  • 115g butter

  • 115g caster sugar

  • 100g egg

  • 115g ground almonds

  • 30g soft flour

  • vanilla extract

  • 1/2 lemon zest


  • Cream butter and sugar together

  • Add the eggs

  • Sieve the flour and the almonds together and slowly add to the egg mixture. 

  • Add the vanilla and lemon zest

  • Allow it to mix for about 5 minutes in a kitchen aid/mixer once all ingredients are in. Smoot it onto the dough of the puff pastry, then roll, and put into a preheated oven of 180/200 degrees C. 





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