Pain au chocolat

September 25, 2016

 Good morning, or rather Good afternoon everyone! Ideally one does have breakfast in the morning, but seeing as my family only knows life after 12pm on weekends, breakfast is (and always should be) a whole day affair.


I made some puff pastry from scratch, and decided to make mini pain au chocolate! Using the correct chocolate in the centre is quite important because the’s the main taste in these mini bundles of joy. I like to use Lindt (70% cocoa) dark chocolate as it allows rich taste but not that cheap chocolate flavour (which I can’t stand). Using the correct chocolate for cakes and pastries is a crucial for me. My favourite chocolate to use is “Valhrona” but I can’t ever seem to find it in Cape Town, and I think Lindt does the job perfectly for me. So this is my lazy Sunday breakfast, and I hope yours is wonderful too!

Zorah xo





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