Dream Magnum

November 8, 2016

Let’s be honest (because there is no better place for honesty than the blank canvas of cyber space)… we (as unique individuals) are remarkably similar… in that we are Pleasure Seekers – and there is no good reason why we ought not to be.

All things being equal, fellow Pleasure Seekers, you’ll be interested and excited to know that I’ve recently had the opportunity to create my dream magnum, in the comfort of inthemidnightkitchen (i.e. my own home). Grant me your indulgence to explain, just a tad.

Magnum Pleasure stores have taken off to global success, with your (and my) favourite celebs (queue a Kardashian) getting involved in creating their own #DreamMagnum… from the comfort of their own home. Save to say, I couldn’t help but get thrown in…[to]..themidnightkitchen (somewhat of a Kardashian in my own right… or kitchen).

See the link here for Dream Magnum

Truth be told, my innate Pleasure Seeker (fuelled by my creative juices and inspired by the bliss ushered in by the change of season), created my own #DreamMagnum by following the simple steps below:

1. using the “Classic” flavoured Magnum as a base (which as you know is a decadent vanilla ice cream already covered in milk chocolate),

2. drizzling melted white chocolate around my Classic Magnum (chocolate on chocolate, yes please!),


3. sprinkle dried cranberries,

4.toss on some pistachios,

5. one more drizzle of melted white chocolate, and

6. top off with edible petals

As I’m sure you can imagine, my #DreamMagnum is nothing short of a floral summer sensation…. and absolutely divine (if i do say so myself)! Be my guest to give this a go… or be inspired to seek your own pleasure by creating your own #DreamMagnum (feel free to share your creation too!).

As vanilla as this may sound, there’s no better indulgence to a Pleasure Seeker than ice-cream (well, perhaps that’s just me)!

Bon appetit


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