Chia Smoothie

January 22, 2017

I enjoying making smoothies and health juices quite often, and most of the time I like to share with you what I've made, either because it tastes great, or has really great health benefits- this Chia smoothie has both! Anyone whose had the pleasure of indulging in a Chia latte knows that it adds that extra oomph (if you will) to your morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up. So I thought why not add the same flavour to a smoothie, and it being summer in Cape Town, more smoothies and less coffees seems to be the way forward. 


This smoothie is very simple to make and the aromas of chia and passion fruit make it that much more divine. I added frozen banana instead of ice because I feel like the ice has a tendency to make the smoothie a bit watery and that basically defeats the purpose. Smoothies are a good way to keep you full when you're on the go and haven't had time to pack a lunch, and they're packed with great vitamins to give you all the energy you need. Cinnamon and passion fruit were my added flavours to this concoction with actual chia seeds looming in the mix. I hope you enjoy this recipe and give it a try!

Bon Apetit! 


 Recipe: Chia Smoothie

  • 2 tablespoons of chia powder (used in latte's)

  • 170 ml of milk

  • 2 frozen bananas

  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

  • 1 tablespoon of honey

  • Blend everything together, and you have yourself a wonderful smoothie ready to be topped with any added toppings you like. 















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