Chocolate Krispies

January 24, 2017

Once a year... there's one day that I absolutely live for (don't mind this pun)... that day is my birthday (which happened to be yesterday). Truth be told, I cannot offer you a sound reason as to why this day gives me such joy.. if anything, one would think that turning a year older every 365 days would have a party-spoiler effect ... but no such thing for me (at least not thus far!). This, however, does not exempt me from the angst that comes with turning another year older, which is admittedly as daunting for me as it may be for you, although this proves to be no obstacle to the ease with which I throwback to indulging in "kids" treats on my birthday! With this year, being no exception... hello dark Lindt chocolate Rice Krispie treats (not only a mouthful. but a tasteful as well).


The simplicity in these rice krispie treats are one of several reasons to love them... and if need be to have an "adult" justification for this treat.. you have an added layer of dark Lindt chocolate on top (works for me). Personally, I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, it's a palette preference if any as I tend to find milk chocolate way too sweet for me (perhaps because my sweet tooth fell out along with my milk teeth as a kid). For me, this is the perfect blend of sweet meets bitter (feel free to use milk chocolate, if you prefer). 


Let me not leave you without saying that there are a variety of sweet things that you could whip up using marshmallows as a base ... mainly because marshmallows act as a sticking agent, combining most baking ingredients to make something unique (and probably divine). I mean, you'll agree, that you'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love a good combination of marshmallow, chocolate and rice krispies :)













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