Green is the new healthy!

January 29, 2017


Let's see... mid-to-late-morning coffee, check. Lounging about one's abode with a minimal sense of urgency (save to quiet the grumbling sounds of one's tummy), check. It's certainly Sunday to me... and you can't match(a) that! Oh contraire mon fellow chefs-and-aspirational-whizz's-in-the-kitchen!


It all began with an adventure to purchase the necessary ingredients to whip up some Matcha Pancakes (if this sounds like Greek or mandarin to you, keep reading... i promise you that it is not). Whilst in pursuit of matcha powder (it is real, i promise you - again), as a core ingredient to these pancakes, I was regrettably advised that matcha powder was out of stock. Enter, Moringa powder instead (I'm not making this up!). Allow me to digress for a moment, I absolutely love the Body Shop... particularly their Moringa scented body butter. With that being said, and up until this point, that was the sum total of my exposure to moringa. Much to my pleasant surprise, there is a hell of a lot more to moringa than just great scented Body Shop body butter!



The benefits of moringa are similar to matcha, if not better. For instance, a daily dose of moringa contains 17 times more calcium than milk, match(a) [see what I did there ;)] that with 27 more times more iron than spinach, and you can't help but be intrigued (at the very least about why you might bother with expensive multivitamins). Truth be told, I've tried the vitamins thing... but I find myself not being able to remain consistent. Moringa powder seems a better fit... I'd much rather add one teaspoon of this to yoghurt and granola mix, a smoothie or even better yet these pancakes.  


The upshot is that using Moringa powder in this pancake batter (or any mixture/ batter) is that there is no trace that it's even there! Healthy brunch/ snack options just got a lot more interesting (and holistically beneficial, if you will). 


Bon appetit!




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