Passion fruit cheesecake

February 5, 2017


 Cravings – the ultimate test to the will power of any person (myself included), a test to which even at the best of times we fall victim to … probably because the reward to our palette is that good! This weeks cravings victim comes courtesy of my sister and the passion fruit cheesecake – and I couldn't help but oblige. 


This quickly became a family affair when I mentioned my elaborate passion fruit cheesecake plan to my mom. Much to my pleasant surprise, I learnt that some time ago my mother (in her esteemed wisdom) planted a passion fruit tree in our backyard (a premonition only she knew would bear fruit – mind the pun). As fate would have it, this passion fruit tree recently blossomed with these beautiful, organic passion fruits!


As many of you know, I love using seasonal fruits… if only because they are fresh, tasty, easy to source, cost effective and often colourful! In this case, I’ve used our homegrown organic passionfruit as a flavour base for the jelly to be set on top of the baked cheesecake (combined of course with a dash of condensed milk). Due to my particularly fussy palette, being a fan of tangy meets sour rather than sweet meets indulgent, I chose to use more than 3 passion fruits to give the jelly a more sour tang. 



Needless to say… existing cravings were more than satisfied with this homegrown/ organic passion fruit inspired beaut! If anything, I found myself developing a craving of my own in the baking process. 


I’m inclined to perfect this recipe a tad before I share it with you (which I intend to do sooner rather than later). However, in the mean time… don’t feel guilty to let your cravings inspire you to whip up something magical (your palette & soul will be immeasurably thankful!)


Au voir! 

Zorah xo






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