Messy Pavlova Cake

February 16, 2017

 Who doesn't love the taste of freshly baked pavlova in the morning? It's that sweet, almost burnt sugar smell that that gets your tastebuds overly excited. I have never been able to find the perfect recipe for pavlova, so this one I will definitely share with you. I decided to layer the meringues on top of one another to create an almost cake like look, and if you ask me it gives it that "naked cake" look almost instantly. This way it allowed me to add all the fillings I liked while still keeping that messy look. 


Each layer is filled with chantilly cream and berries. I rationalised that if there are at least a few berries around, I could pretend it's not all that unhealthy (at least we all wish that). Over the years I've come to realise that my family usually only makes this delectable dessert in summer, and now I know why. It's such a light dessert to make and in summer, besides the fruit, we don't necessarily want to eat a rich, warm chocolate fondant when it 30 degrees out. Having something sweet to eat when the hot summer sun sets, and that isn't too heavy to eat, may be the perfect thing on days like this. 

 Pavolva recipe:


  • 180g white castor sugar

  • 3 egg whites

  • 45ml water

  • 2 teaspoons of liquid glucose



  • Allow the sugar, water and glucose to dissolve over a medium heat. Once this is done, use a sugar thermometer to boil the sugar to about 116-118 degrees Celcius (hard ball stage). 

  • While this is happening, whisk the egg whites on a low speed until it get to a white soft consistency. 

  • Once the sugar has boiled, add it carefully to the egg whites and increase the speed until the meringue is stiff and creamy. 

  • Then pipe the meringue with a round nozzle onto a silpat mat/wax paper (so it doesn't stick), and put into the oven at 125 degrees celcius. Allow the oven to heat up prior to this stage at 135 degrees and then turn it down once the meringues are inside. 

  • Let them harden but not brown for about 30-45 minutes. Depending on your oven it may take longer. 

  • Then allow it to cool but don't leave it out too long, and wrap it in wax paper and a tightly sealed container when storing it. 










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