Barn yard styled nicecream

February 17, 2017


Thank God its Friyay!!

Fridays tend to be slightly chaotic in my household, if only due to the fact that we host (as a matter of course) a big family lunch (a family affair that we hold dear). The knock-on effect of this particular event, is the obvious disregard for breakfast. Regrettably, and by no good measure, is this a form of acceptable behaviour as (dare I say that) the negative impact on our metabolism is significant.

By design, humans are fallable beings and will, despite best efforts, miss a breakfast or 5, for some or other reason. All things being equal, allow me to hand you a quick-fix of sorts (a re-introduction or reminder if you will) - Hello, nicecream! As you may (or may not) know, I absolutely enjoy making nicecreams... in my defence, what's not to enjoy? Nicecreams require little prep or effort and are filling and nutritious! Its as simple as freezing a banana and your selection of preferred fruits the night before, blitzing it the next morning and you're good to go!


 This morning's nicecream involves a mixture of raspberries and frozen banana, layered with fresh banana, raw cacao, the contents of one chlorophyll tablet (it's super vitamin - just ask Google), some roasted muesli and a drizzle of maple syrup. Simple, effective and delicious!

Go on, mix yourself a nicecream bowl - and thank me later!

Bon appetit!













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