Grinding Shoreditch

March 13, 2017

London -a city that is ever ready to welcome the return of yours truly... and truth be told, its phenomenal to be back in a city that feels like (a second) home.


This metropolis-meets-cultural-epicenter of the world, is known for, amongst other things, it's multiplicity of trendy/ in-style cafes, bistros and brunch spots - and rightly so. All things being equal, my trusty stead and I wasted no time in hitting this scene! 


Hello, Shoreditch Grind - an intriguing yet inconspicuous place where rustic meets RnB/ Hip-Hop (yes, you read correctly) - a vibe that we were ecstatic to be a part of. The playlist at the Shoreditch Grind, kept us lingering (actually, one-two-stepping) for longer than we had expected... Long after our cups & bowls were empty. 


Speaking of cups & bowls... the menu at Shoreditch Grind is squarely an even match to its playlist. We ordered a couple cups of coffee (standard behaviour on our part... motivated by really good coffee at this gem of a place) and a red-berry smoothie bowl (for sustenance of course).


As if the playlist, coffee and menu aren't reason enough for you to put the Shoreditch Grind at the top of your list for your next brunch/ coffee mission, the staff were more than friendly and found themselves more than entertained by our photo-op-antics!


Give this place a once over... if anything, you'll find it hard to leave.


Au voir










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