March 17, 2017

Afternoon tea - a tradition as English as Koeksisters are Capetonian (Fancy that!). Given that my trusty stead and I have been traipsing the streets of London, (Galileos in our own right), we thought it apt to enjoy a wonderful afternoon tea at the trendiest afternoon tea spot in London - enter "Sketch".


Having casually strolled into Sketch (after having made a prior reservation, of course), was nothing short of an experience. Having adequately prepared for the wonders I would encounter at Sketch (thanks to the likes of popular fashion bloggers... queue Dina Tokio and Marianna Hewitt), reality far outweighed my imagination on this one! The entrance hall, stencilled with a 'hop-scotch' block (a quirky welcome to a Sketchy trip down memory lane).


We were seated in a vibrant, ambient 'pink room'... decked with comfortable and cosy shell-shaped chairs (all of which we were occupied!), subtle lighting and creative sketches draping the surrounding walls.





Once comfortably seated, a team of waiters set about serving our afternoon tea - what an absolute delight! Within a matter of minutes, a unique variety of teas, finger foods and desserts were placed on offer. Before having a moment to appreciate our new-found environment ... afternoon tea was served. A lovely presentation of palette pleasing finger sandwiches (just enough to hit the spot!), together with petit desserts and aromatic teas filled our table.


The endless supply of chocolate and berry petit fours were simply exquisite. It goes without saying that we spent our time, clearing the table (almost as effortlessly as it was guiltlessly).  


As a final hoorah, worth a mention, I must give due to Sketch's attention to detail - a testament made obvious in their choice of tea cups! 


Overall, this is a worthy hop-skip-and jump down a Sketch(y) memory lane. 


Au voir

Zorah xo

























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