When brunch is an all day affair

March 29, 2017


 Allow me to share with you a personal point of view, that ought surely to ring true... It is simply that we, as humans, by design absolutely love to eat (good food, of course) and are borderline inept sans a daily dose of caffeine. With this in mind, it then fare's well to be spending one's time roaming the streets of London town. 


Over the last couple of days, my trusty steed and I have uncovered real gems in the back alleys of Londres. From rustic, quirky and unassuming cafes (mostly in Shoreditch and Clerkenwell) to elegant, stylish and proper brunch restuarants (queue Chiltern street, Marleybone)... there's always some place to eat and caffeinate, to meet your feel for the day. Although, regardless of which 'vaabe' you fancy, you're bound to be met with a friendly face and good service!

 As for today's little adventure... well.. to be quite honest, it just so happened to be Tommy Green (when we actually had another place in mind). Best. Decision. This. Week. (this grammatical faux pas will make sense the moment that you set foot into Tommy Green). From the marble tops and comfortable couches by the window, to the classic orchestra piano in the corner... Tommy Green was all about it... with the food being all the better. My trusty steed opted for the fluffy coconut bread french toast, with mango and raspberry coulis on the side with a dollop of creme fraiche and a healthy drizzle of maple syrup ... a combo that'll appease any sweet tooth (mine included). With the sweet stuff set, yours truly opted for the savoury ala shakshouka - a brunch dish beautifully embedded with subtle hints of red pepper and cream cheese. 


Fancy a trip, stroll or mission to Victoria... Tommy Green is well worth it...


a votre sante,









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