Getting on that Milk Train

March 31, 2017

The heart of Covent Garden hides a small, inconspicuous cafe (much like most areas in London, if we're being honest)... that has recently amassed a smidge of 'instafame' over its candy floss cloud ice-cream concoction/ creation. All this hype was an obvious invitation to yours truly, with trusty steed in tow, to walk about Covent Garden on a beautifully sunny day in London and suss out the fuss!


So, truth be told... this concoction looks pretty.. and is great for a "swooning-I'm-in-london-and-found-something-cool". But that's about it. To be brazen, this was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted (and that's saying something coming from a pastry chef). As you know.. I am not a huge fan of ice cream (luckily my trusty steed is), but I do love candy floss (surprisingly). Even so, this creation was appeasing for all of a few minutes, immediately followed by an urgent reach for half a gallon of water to wash it down. Save to say, one of these ice-cream-meets-candyfloss creations is more than enough to share... take my word for it!


All in all... good an enviable selfie, but hardly worth the fuss!!












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