Bring back the Ozone

May 4, 2017

Inthemidnightkitchen's whirlwind flout-about-London is drawing to a looming close (for now)... which for me means that I need to do anything and everything before I board my flight. Confession: this approach is often detrimental to my health and invites more than your average flu (by now the problem should be glaringly obvious!). All things considered, my solution to countering this occurrence usually lies in what we (yes, you and I) do best... 'healthy-wholsesome eating'; which happens to include raw fruit juices and organic foods as a main source of vitamins (did someone say flu? uh, not here mate). 


Circumstances being what they are (another wonderful excuse to brunch!)... and with my trusty steed in tow, brunch was served at Ozone Coffee Roasters. This spot, which we once again, happened to consciously stumble upon, has gotta be in the top-5-secret-gems that London has to offer. From food to coffee to an open-kitchen-layout-meets-rustic-ambience, Ozone had our hearts. 


Personally speaking, I can't help but admire when chefs 'fine tune' a condiment as basic as hummus into an flavourful beetroot extravaganza, coupled with perfectly smoked/ grilled aubergine and drizzeled with an appropriate sauce on a well-balanced Bruschetta is as appeasing to the palette as it is to the eye. But we weren't done (naturally)... after all, what's brunch, sans poached eggs - probably a midnight snack. The chefs at Ozone turned our classic- eggs benedict on its head to sit pretty on a bed of fluffy and soft potato rosti's - a beautiful and light combination that's worthy of its own title.


Take it from yours truly (and trust steed)... Get lost in this Ozone...














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