Strawberry Puffs

May 28, 2017

Good Morning fellow foodies, and Ramadaan Kareem to everyone who is fasting during this auspicious month. I will be trying to post as many yummy treats as possible. I have started to post a lot more "healthy alternatives" during this month but now and again (specifically right now) I will be posting good old fashion pastries, because that is a great love of mine (and no one can deny a good crisp pastry). I made this strawberry compote filling for these puff pastry tarts because my mother has a serious sweet tooth, especially late at night and I thought this would be perfect- it's light, not too sweet and can be stored for a few days (so no rush to eat it all in one go). Hope you enjoy the recipe!


Recipe: Strawberry compote:



  • 1 punnet of strawberries 

  • 1 cup of castor sugar/xylitol 

  • 1 squeeze of a fresh lemon (to make it less sweet)

  • 1 vanilla bean pod

  • 1/4 cup of water

  • 1 flat piece of pastry (I used my handmade pastry which I always keep int he freezer).



  • Mix all the ingredients together on a mediium heat. 

  • Let the strawberries become soft and watch for a lovely pink syrup forming. 

  • When the strawberries are very soft and start sticking to the pan, they are done-allow to cool. 

  • Roll out the pastry. 

  • Cut into squares. 

  • Put the compote into the middle of the square. 

  • Then fold one point of the square to the opposite end to form a small triangle. 

  • Seal with egg yolk and press down the sides with the fork. 

  • Either freeze or heat at 180 degrees, until golden brown. 

  • Bon apetit!






























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