Moringa and vanilla bean froyo!

May 31, 2017

Quick and easy dessert idea? Frozen yoghurt! I am not a huge fan of ice-cream but nicecreams and frozen yoghurt seem to hit the spot for me, so i made this delicious  frozen yoghurt, and because it was my first time at attempting this I tried to keep it as simple as possible. The key is to use a good quality yoghurt (I used full fat Plain yoghurt from Woolworths which seemed to work very well). You can add almost anything you like to it, but to keep it smooth I avoided using fruits and rather opted for powder's, like Moringa (you could even use Matcha powder). 


Recipe: Moringa and Vanilla Bean frozen yoghurt



  • 500g of full fat plain yoghurt

  • 3 teaspoons moringa powder

  • 1/3 cup of honey

  • 3 vanilla bean pods



  • Combine all the ingredients and add to a blender. Blend until very smooth. 

  • I used a baking tin to set the yoghurt, but any tin will do. 

  • Let stand for 3-4 hrs minimum, and serve when the yoghurt is firm yet not too hard. 

  • Bon apetit!



















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