Moringa X Key Lime Tart

June 4, 2017

So time goes fast during the fast (cheesy as it may sound, it's very much true)... and we're going strong. There's one thing that I absolutely love to do during this month, more so than others, (naps aside, of course), is baking - shocking, yet also true. It may seem somewhat bizarre, that during a month centred on, inter alia, abstenance from food and by implication the kitchen, that I, without guilt or effort, gravitate towards it. Upshot is that it benefits everyone! 


Today's gravitational pull has churned out a wonderful moringa key lime tart with a cocoa and date biscuit base (Yes, "yuuuuummmmy" is correct). Key lime tarts are light (on the tummy) and easy and quick to make. The moringa powder was added to counter the overly sweet taste of this the key lime tart, the obvious health benefits aside (if you're feeling adventourous, you could easily subsitute moringa powder for something else that may be more up your alley). 


Having tickled your taste buds, you can find this recipe (amongst other pretty sweet concoctions) under the "pastry" tab.


Bon apetite!

















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