Power bites

July 6, 2017

In all honesty, I'm almost always peckish... usually for 'just a little bite', you know... 'something to snack on'.. (with the obvious exception being when I'm asleep). And more often than not, this feeling drives me absolutely "ball"istic.

Spurred on by my constant search for 'just a little bite'... I whipped up another batch of  yummy, bite-size date balls (with a twist, of course). Made with fresh dates, ground almonds and coconut as the main base, and topped with a few condiments (cinnamon, nutmeg and a dash of cardamon) to tease one's palette... These gems are the perfect 'something to snack on'. Although, don't be quick to dismiss them as just 'something to snack on'.. they're also ideal bite-size on-the-go treats, especially when there's a million errands to run and not enough time to sit!

Go absolutely "ball"istic with this one!


*This recipe is almost  exactly the same as the previous one I posted, except with added ground almonds to give it more weight. 






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