What's Fudge?

July 10, 2017

Greetings all,

It appears that Monday has rolled around (yet, again), but I do hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Truth be told, my weekend interestingly (and frustratingly) comprised of multiple recipe testings and a near trip to the ER due to an injury sustained as collateral. With all things being equal, yours truly has valiantly survived the injury incurred, and has lived to share the tale - well, sort of.

Lately, and in an attempt to spark your interests and tastebuds, I have been working on a handful of new recipes (over and above those that were imparted to me during my time at Cordon Bleu). The obvious upshot of this endevour is a flurry of mishaps, flops and other baking related faux pais'. Although, personally speaking, the biggest challenge to recipe testing is that I am a self-professed perfectionist. My perfectionist tendencies do not fare well in the recipe testing arena - especially when these endevours fall short of a perfect result (which tends to leave me nothing short of worked up and anxious - to which my friends will readily attest).

Having cleared the air on that front, I took a shot at whipping up a deliciously rich orange flavoured fudge, along with some toffee filled cookies (a somewhat sweet experience if i do say so myself). Whilst the fudge is satisfyingly smooth on the palette, it is far too sweet!!! Admittedly still in its testing phase, I'll be tweaking the recipe to perfection and will be sharing that with you soon. For now, please do enjoy (and feel free to share)  a sneak peak of my first attempt... if only as a teaser for what is soon to come!

Au voir




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