Chocolate rice krispie treats!

August 7, 2017

Good morning everyone!

Speaking of good mornings, I had chocolate for breakfast! Well, not exactly, but I did have chocolate  rice krispie treats with my coffee, and that is really not a bad way to start your Monday. When I think of my childhood, I remember all the (over sugary) cereals I used to have like Fruitloops, Frosties etc, but turning them into something a little more decadent (that adults can enjoy too) is a recipe maker's dream! 


I made them with half a slab of dark chocolate (80% cocoa), that was added to the butter and marshmallows. When the rice krispies were added and cooled, I cut them into cubes and dipped the edges in chocolate to give it that added flavour. I love dark chocolate and I think the more the merrier! 

Bon Apetit!






Half slab dark chocolate

3 tbsp butter, melted

250g marshmallows

3/4 cups of Rice Krispie treats



Heat the butter, chocolate and marshmallows together

Then add the rice krispies

Allow to cool is a square dish (lined with parchment paper).

After you have cut them into cubes, dip the edges into chocolate. 











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