#COOKFORSYRIA Part 1 Fattet- Al Makdous

October 27, 2017

Fellow human(itarian)s,


Lend me your ear for a moment, if you would be so kind. Over the last 24 hours you may have noticed, by glancing over my Instagram page, my having joined the #COOKFORSYRIA initiative. If by chance you are yet to hear of this initiative, allow me to elaborate.


In light of recent atrocities, UNICEF created a foundation called "The Children of Syria Fund", and our fellow London-based Instagrammer, @clerekenwellboyec1, has made a meaningful contribution to this fund to this by curating a book based on traditional Syrian recipes. In short, the proceeds from all purchases of this book go directly to "The Children of Syria Fund" - a growing global movement in aid of the plight of the Syrian children.


As fellow human(itarian)s, an unspoken moral duty rests on our shoulders to help those in need, in this instance the innocent and afflicted children of Syria - even if only to create awareness as a catalyst for change. By using the hashtag #COOKFORSYRIA  we can create this awareness. Please, make no mistake, I have no hidden agenda with regard to this initiative, it is merely a cause that I hold dear to my heart and it's my way of trying to make a difference, no matter how small. 


So with the above in mind, I set off to make my first traditional Syrian meal called Fattet- Al Makdous, which is not only DIVINE but so simple to make. It's basically layers of oven baked naan/pita bread, aubergine (lightly fried in olive oil), layered with mince, and topped with greek yoghurt infused with garlic and tahini paste. These Syrian flavours speak to a beautiful culture, and peoples... one certainly worth fighting for. 


To continue with this initiative, I will be posting one traditional Syrian dish every week, and will share that recipe with you for you to (hopefully) give it a try and add share your initiate using the above mentioned hashtag, of course. I implore you to join this initiative, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  




















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