Watermelon, strawberry and mint cooler

January 6, 2018

Happy New Year everyone and I hope it has been a good one so far! My year kicked off a little bit slowly with the onset of a flu coming, I had to take it a bit slow and create recipes that were going to a) cool me from the Cape Town heat; and b) make me feel better by adding lots of vitamins to my diet. That is exactly why I love this cooler, it has the natural sugars and and vitamins from the fruit and I added my own spirulina and chlorophyll tablets to up the ante. I added about a handful of mint leaves because I did not want it to be too sweet and who doesn't love that infectious mint flavour?? The colours from the watermelon and strawberry make this cool drink even better than it taste (that's a little lie, it tastes as good as it looks).


 Recipe: watermelon coolers




1/5 of a whole watermelon 

1/2 (large) punnet of strawberries- frozen

A handful of mint leaves (washed)

1 tsp. salt

1 spirulina/chlorophyll tablet if you like

1 vanilla pod




Make sure the strawberries are nicely frozen as they will serve as the ice component to the cooler. 

The watermelon will be the "water" to blend it all together. 

Put all the ingredients into a good blender and mix well. 

Serve chilled and enjoy






















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