Tuna pesto pasta with beetroot fetuccine

January 18, 2018

Hey lovely people!


I hope the new year is treating you well, I on the other hand, seem to be reevaluating my health and eating habits while concentrating more on my "self care". I never usually make new year's plans, and this year was no different, but I find myself changing or rather altering a lot- fitness, goals, and eating specifically. My blog has done a massive transformation over the last year or so and I've seen it go from full French pastry to eating healthy and consciously, and I for one, am very happy with this turn of events. This is not to say that I won't be doing anymore decadent pastries but I think for now, this is my focus because this is where I am at in my life and in a way it is me sharing my journey with all of you. 


Yesterday I made these "pink" noodles which a lot of you have been asking me about. The secret ingredient here is.... Beetroot juice! Yes you guessed it, the oldest food hack in the book. I say that, because a lot of bakers and chefs use this juice as a natural colourant in red velvet cakes and because it is healthier to use instead of food colouring. I simply used half of the beetroot juice (you can either use the raw vegetable and juice it or form a tin) and add it in once the pasta is half way cooked. The pasta of your choice will quickly absorb the colour and the beetroot flavour is almost non existent. I hope you try it, if you find you want to be a bit more colourful, and it will impress your family and friends too!



























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