Homemade cashew nut milk

January 31, 2018


Good afternoon everyone!

I have been wanting to try making my own nut milk for ages now and I finally did it. I don't know why I thought it would be difficult or come out a flop because it is actually one of the easier recipe's I've tried. This recipe can be made a lot simpler but having the Indian gene running through my veins, I had to spruce it up a little. Have you ever tried cardamom milk? My mother used to always add it to our tea and the enriched flavour compared to normal milk, is amazing, no sugar or additives needed. 


I'm not lactose intolerant, it's just that I love trying new ways of eating and if my body does not agree with it, I'll just stop. So far I am loving this nut milk and I can't wait to try it with other nuts, like almonds, pistachio's etc. Because this milk has not gone through a pasteurizing process, it can only be kept for up to three days (I think pushing it for another day might upset your stomach). However, if you are dairy free, this recipe is great and kids love it too because of the natural sweetener the cashew nuts bring. Definitely give it a try, even if the only reason you try it is because you have left over cashews, you will love it!



Recipe: Cashew nut milk

1 cup of raw cashew nuts

2-3 glasses of water

2 pieces cardamom 

1/2 tsp. cinnamon powder

1 tsbp. honey/agave syrup if you like



Soak the raw cashews and water for three hours up to over night. I find that the longer they soak the softer the become and slowly release the flavour organically.

Once this is done, combine the water and nuts in a blender, and blend until there are no bits left over. 

Pour the milk into a container/mason jar and add the honey and spices- leave for an hour. 

Once the milk has been chilled thoroughly, enjoy it with coffee/tea or on it's own.


* the more water you add the runnier the milk will be, so you can choose what best suits you. Because Cape Town is in a water crisis, I opted to use two 250ml (filtered) water instead of three. 





















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