Lemon buttercream florentines

February 4, 2018

“It’s surely French... or perhaps Italian” ... is usually my first thought when I come across delicate pastries... and Mamma Mia!!! this wonderful  pastry is no exception. 


Commonly and conversationally known as Florentines, these beauts originated in Florence, Italy, under the name Florentia. Made with nuts, honey and sugar, Florentines are a household favourite (my mother’s to be specific). Florentines are sweet, petit, crunchy (and doesn’t comprise of much flour), making it a perfect condiment to any cuppa tea, coffee... or even hot chocolate.  Almond flakes, or candied cherries are strewn over the top before it’s baked in the oven, but given that this was my first attempt, I opted to keep it simple. I chose to use a familiar (tried and tested) lemon buttercream filling too. Simple yet effective... Although, there’s likely to be an extravagent sequel to follow suit (watch this space!).


I happened upon this recipe on "The Smitten Kitchen"  (click on the name and you’ll happen upon it too).  The recipe does use a different filling, which you may prefer. Either way, I implore you to whip up a batch of Florentias... to enjoy under the Tuscan (or just your local) Sun!


Bon appetit





















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