Sticky orange cinnabons

February 23, 2018

Hellooooooooooo.... sticky orange cinnamons buns!


Not too long ago, I whipped up a batch of traditional cinnamon buns. Lo & behold, the craving had called once again - although, this time, with an added twist of orange zest. Let me say upfront, that this is a ‘bun’tiful indulgence - one worthy of putting the ‘healthy’ stuff on hold for a minute. 


This time around, I opted to use a full-proof-tried-and-tested recipe from Thesweetandsimplekitchen's (click here for recipe). Even though it took approximately 5 hours to make (mainly due to the fact that the proofing process takes ages!), the time and effort was well worth it in light of the end result. True to form, I spruced things up by sprinkling some cut up pecan nuts into a sticky caramel sauce, which was then drizzled over the buns (after it had baked) - in so doing adding a soft and moist texture to the final product. Super sweet (yes, this is true) and super pretty - what more could one want (a cuppa tea, perhaps?).


Inasmuch as I’d love to give you a first-hand taste, these photographs will have to do the trick. I shot these photographs using my FIRST ever tripod (for a food blogger, this is quite exciting to say the


least). The sticky orange cinnamon buns were the ideal subject for my first-tripod-inspired-shoot. I’ve noticed that each shot is cleaner, sharper and more controlled, resulting in better quality photographs - to entice your tastebuds! 


I implore you to whip up a batch of these beautiful sticky orange cinnamons buns - and please feel free to share your experience with me!


Bon apetite








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