The Yard Cape Town

March 12, 2018

So brunch being my favourite meal of the day, I decided to do a series where I talk about my favourite brunch spots in Cape Town and why I love them! I always find that eating out for dinner, can be a tricky one, either the steak isn't cooked the way you like it, or the salad seems dry, but no matter what I always find that I have the least problems and complaints for brunch/breakfast. That could either mean that I'm not a fussy eater in the morning or that I get overly "hangry" at night, either way I thought I'd do a series where I share a few places I love to eat at in Cape Town. Whether you're visiting or just want to go somewhere that isn't a gamble and you know the food will be delicious, The Yard is a must visit!


I've been to The Yard which is located next to the Waterfront a few times already, and what draws me to a place almost instantly is the location and what I see as I walk up to it. I think we all like pretty things to some degree and the venue that was chosen for this restaurant has a very modern meets rustic vibe to it. As you walk in, you will be greeted by an open kitchen surrounded in white marble, where all the magic happens. To your right is a quaint shop to buy unique baking and cooking utensils, along will table place settings and copious amounts of organic and natural chocolate, olive oils and other divine products. 

 Now let's get down to the food, I was asked by our waiter whether I wanted my coffee strong or mild and obviously I chose strong. The coffee was served to perfection and I didn't wait longer than roughly eight minutes. Shortly after that I ordered the yoghurt ricotta waffle with blueberry compote that came out looking simple yet elegant. Junaid ordered a bagel with salmon, capers and cream cheese on the side. It didn't arrive as your usual "salmon on a bagel" combo, instead he was served with salmon sashimi which he loved. I was a bit confused at first but I tasted it and he was right, it was fresh salmon, perfectly spiced and all the lovely flavours popped with the addition of the sides. What I do love about their menu, is that as much as it has all the favourites (e.g. eggs benedict, waffles, pancakes etc) they introduce Indian breakfast foods into the menu which I love. It reminds me of Masala dosa, meets Dishoom (in London) and the marriage of these two is spectacular! It draws so many people to their eatery, where different kinds of foods can be experienced and enjoyed all from one kitchen. I really loved the experience, and previously I had the Poori Bhaji (cumin spiced butternut, and potato stew with a side of wholewheat bread)  which was made to perfection. I can't speak for their entire menu, as I've only been for breakfast, but from the few times I have been, the service was excellent and so was the food! 












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