Brunch at Open Door

March 17, 2018


We kick started my mother's birthday celebrations this morning with a lovely brunch at Open Door restaurant in Constantia, at a cute venue called Uitsig. We brought along my nephew and what I loved about it, is that it is so child friendly. There's a cute outdoor jungle gym for young kids, and for older ones, they have a very cool bike park (which made me jealous because I wanted to ride bikes there too). It's very outdoors-y and parking is directly opposite the restaurant so you don't have to walk very far. They are busy with some construction outside but it will only enhance the beauty of that space overall and it does not disrupt the ambience while eating and socialising. 


The ambience was just up my alley, with marble table tops, wooden benches and very antique crockery, any Instagrammer's dream! Now let's get on to the food, shall we? I was asked about whether the food was Halaal/Halaal friendly in my last food review post, and with this restaurant they are Halaal friendly in that there are non-Halaal options, but the menu is so well designed that you won't even notice it. They have the standard eggs benedict, classic breakfast and the delicious French toast I had made from brioche (Yaaaasss), and if you would rather have salmon instead of bacon, they will happily switch it out for you. 


The brioche French toast was infused with a divine orange marmalade, and topped with cream cheese, and the combination of the two made it not too sweet or sour, just perfect. The eggs benedict was cooked to perfection, the egg was done as ordered (soft, so the egg yolk is nice and runny) and they served a very generous portion of salmon and hollandaise sauce on the side. And let's not forget the service, absolutely great! There's nothing worse than having to wait for someone to take your order, or for your food to take another age before making an appearance and at Open Door this was definitely not a problem. Absolutely loved the breakfast here and I can't wait to go back!
























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