The Butcher's Wife

April 12, 2018

 Eating out can be such a mission sometimes, when someone suggests a new place and you have no idea what kind of food it is, how it'll taste or if you'll even like it. That's probably one of the reasons I like to stick to breakfast because I can kind of figure out what I'm getting myself into, and know that even if I order something basic like a muesli cup, I'll be satisfied and not feel terrible afterwards... Having said that, I have found one gem in Cape Town that has something for everyone, and I really mean everyone- The Butcher's Wife (click here for the menu) in Cape Town is hidden in the suburbs, so it's not your average drive to town and decide what you want kind of night. It's in the opposite direction right next to Wembley Roadhouse (a place Cape Townians are very familiar with) and that drive is so worth it! 


I actually implore you to go there with an appetite because the chances are, you are going to want almost everything on that menu. We were treated to an evening of food, and by food I mean pizza, pasta, seafood and all the different kinds of meat one can ask for. Usually when a restaurant has so many different options I'm skeptical as to whether their quality in each dish is the same or if some are lacking, but this was truly not the case. From the starches (pizza and pasta) to the protein (meats and chicken) I couldn't fault anything, other than the fact that I was so full, I couldn't even contemplate dessert. 


 The setting is so unassuming which is something I love, because when a restaurant focuses a lot more on the menu than the decor then you know the food will be incredible. Walking in there are lovely rustic wooden benches with couple seating scattered around too, and an open kitchen that you can see from the entrance. I think this invites customer's to know their chefs and almost trust the way the food is being made more (no secrets and transparency etc). The food speaks for itself and I love the setting and ambience provided by the owner's and the staff, it makes you feel at home and welcomed. 


I'll definitely be going back soon!















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