Panbanging cookies

April 18, 2018

I know that someone in your life has at some point said, "Omg you have to try this, it's the best ___ you've ever had!". And in that moment they're probably right. But recipes change, methods develop and we grow in our chosen field. This is not me giving kudos to myself, but instead to a very talented American baker, Sarah Keiffer. 


Sarah came up with these amazing (massive) miracle cookies and seriously her method works! It's as a simple as rolling the cookie dough into a 100g balls, freezing it for 15 minutes and then putting it into the oven. The trick is... open the door! Yes, the thing that we were all told never to do, has turned into something we should always do. When opening the door, give your tray a nice bang against the wire rack underneath and watch these amazing ripples develop. 


I haven't seen anyone in South Africa making these cookies before but it is a definite must have recipe for anyone who loves to bake, and who loves an accompaniment with tea for that matter. I found the recipe on her blog ,The Vanilla Bean blog. 


I think many people these days are scared to praise someone else so highly for something they have clearly mastered, as it might take the spotlight away from them. But I've found that supporting each other in this crazy competitive world is probably the best thing to do! As women we should be uplifting each other in our communities and globally and if we don't, well then it's a never ending cycle. Let's break that together!


This proverb was mentioned again to me a few days ago:


"If you want to go quickly, go alone. I

f you want to go far, go together"


African Proverb


And this could not be more true. Here are a few pictures of this delicious cookie that I will definitely be making 100s more of! Have a great evening fellow foodies!



























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