Classic Churros

May 25, 2019

 Good evening everyone, I hope that me writing this blog post explains to some of you why my name is "inthemidnightkitchen" ;) When I need to get work out and meet deadlines I will usually start working rather late to get it done. And now that Ramadaan is here, my day time routine is so out of whack that I rely on the nights to work and graft as much as I can. 


So let's dive straight in to why I have gathered you all here today, we all LOVE churros! And why wouldn't we?? They are the single most effective and efficient donuts out there, with a minimal cooking and preparation time, these churros are not one for excuses. Even if you are very very tight for time, trust me you can manage to get these going-from scratch. 


I shot some before prep images so that you know what to expect as you bake these lovely treats of joy, I hope it helps and don't forget to tag inthemidnightkitchen in your baking adventures! 


P.s thank you for the love on my blog lately, I SERIOUSLY appreciate it! So THANK YOU!


Bon Apetit, 


Zorah xo


 This is just a flat lay of all my ingredients, I like to do this before I start so everything is out and ready for me use.


 After you add the flour is (last step in the pot) mix it as quickly as possible, getting as many flour lumps out as possible. The texture will be smooth and soft. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before adding in the egg. I usually put it in the mixer with a whisk attachment to speed this part up. 

 After adding in you first egg it will look very lumpy, but keep mixing because it will come together. 

 After adding in the second egg whisk some more, and the texture will become smooth and ready to pipe. 

 If you want your churros rounded like this, pipe onto a piece of parchment paper, and drop into the oil and after a few second you can easily remove it and retain the shape. 


Recipe: Churros

Type: Normal




250ml water 

1/4 cup of butter

1 tbsp. white sugar

A pinch of salt

2 eggs

1 cup plain flour

1 tsp. vanilla extract

2-3 cups Vegetable oil for frying



Sugar and cinnamon mixed together. 




In a small pot, heat up the oil to about 180-185C, I used my fryer which shows the temperature so this works well too.

In another medium sized pot, add the water, butter, sugar, salt and allow to come to a boil. 

Then lower the heat slightly and add in the flour and whisk quickly with a wooden spoon. 

Once incorporated, remove from the what and continue to mix and place batter in your mixer with the whisk attachment and allow to mix for 5 minutes so it can cool. 

Then add one egg and a time and the vanilla essence. 

The mixture will look shabby and lumpy, but at this point add in the second egg, scrape down the sides and continue to whisk. 

Prepare your piping bag and nozzle with parchment paper and start to make your oval shape. 

One by one, drop into the heated oil, remove the paper, and cook until both sides are quite brown. 

Place onto a paper towel to remove excess oil and coat with sugar and cinnamon. 











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