Bollas Recipe

July 29, 2019

I finally made Bollas! This is a very Cape Townian dessert and a traditional one at that! For those of you who aren't from Cape Town, it's basically a mini donut/doughnut (please forgive the spelling, I really can't decide which one should be used) covered in sugar syrup and drizzled with desiccated coconut and giving the perfect edge to an otherwise plain doughnut/donut. This donut reminds me of when I was young and every weekend, particularly Sunday's we would visit our neighbour who either made these or koesisters (fresh) and she would just give us a bunch and by the time we got home, there were only a few left over. They were that good! Anyway, years later I decided to make them myself, I never rushed to make them because it seemed like one of those recipes that should be left to the professionals. But here I am trying to compete, or at least, make a decent doughnut. 


This was my first time making them and I really enjoyed the entire process! The batter has a very sticky and almost runny consistency to it, but after you let it rest for a while, then the flavour and texture really sets in.  The difficult part for me, was definitely the frying part, because I can never get the temperature right and some of them even ended up doughy inside and not cooked through. This was super annoying but after a few more tries, and a lower heat, they took longer to cook but they did cook through. 


The result is a fluffy and heart warming bolla, that was finished in my household within a few hours, so they definitely work! To end this off, I do thing that the roundness of the doughnut depends on the way you drop the batter into the oil, and also it does take practice, so don't be hard on yourself! Have fun and just enjoy them, because we definitely did!


Bon apetit!

Zorah xo


Recipe: Bollas

Type: None




4 cups self raising flour

1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

6 tsp. butter, melted

2 eggs

3 1/2 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon powder

1 1/2 tsp. nutmeg

1 tsp. vanilla essence

1 cup full cream/low fat milk

200ml water- add more if the batter is too thick

650ml oil, for deep frying

200g desiccated coconut- for dipping


Sugar Syrup:


300g sugar

300ml water




Whisk together the flour and baking powder, then add in the spices, put that bowl aside for now. 

Using a stand up food mixer (I used my Kenwood) attach your whisk, and whisk together the  eggs, sugar and melted butter, until the colour becomes lighter. 

Add in your dry ingredients, in three inclusions. I changed my whisk attached to a creaming one to make it easier for me. 

Once all is mixed together, add in the essence, milk and water. 

Mix well, and then set aside for 15-20 minutes. 

Heat the oil in a small pot (a bigger pot means you'll need more oil) on a medium heat- about 10 minutes.

Add in some batter to see if the batter fries well and if there are enough bubbles, if not, let it heat for longer.

Drop the batter in by the tablespoon and only add two scoops at a time to the pot. 

Once you're done, allow them to dry on a paper towel.

In the meantime heat up your sugar syrup, and once it bubbles and seems sticky to the touch (use the back of a wooden spoon, don't put your fingers into the pot) add in one bolla at a time, then drop into your coconut and enjoy!






































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