Quick Prawn Stir Fry Recipe

February 4, 2020


Good day lovely people! Lately I have been all about quick meals and no fuss. I just can't be asked anymore to slave away on week days and rather opt for something tasty and guaranteed to be delicious. Continuing on this Mediterranean eating plan (which we have switched up a bit) I made this lovely and easy to make prawn stir fry. I used egg noodles because they are my favourite and I find Spaghetti to be a bit heavy sometimes but this is still a good option if that is all you have at home. 


I hope you love this recipe, it's super easy and tastes divine! If you want to experiment and add more condiments, be my guest!


Bon apetit, 




Recipe: Prawn Stir Fry

Type: Normal/ Pescatarian

Serves: 3 people




1 pack of deveined and clean prawns

2 Zucchini 

2 sheets/blocks of egg noodles

2 tbsp. Teriyaki Sauce

2 tbsp. Mayonnaise

1 tbsp. Nandos Peri peri

1 handful fresh coriander chopped

1 tbsp Sweet Soy Sauce

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 tsp. thyme

1 tbsp. Olive oil

1-2 tbsp. Sweet Chilli sauce (I use Wellingtons)




In a pot boil your egg noodles for about 10 minutes until they are al dente, and not too soft. 

In a separate flat based pot or wok, heat the olive oil on medium heat. 

In a bowl, add your sauces, as well as the chopped coriander, thyme and give it a good mix. 

Pour the prawns in the wok or flat based pan and add in the sauce. While this simmers on medium heat, peel your zucchini fine and toss into the prawns. This should be done in about 15 minutes max, you don't want to over cook the prawns nor the zucchini. 

Remove the water from the egg noodles, toss into the prawns and give it a good toss. 

Remove from heat and enjoy!































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